We have totally 6 large-scale painting lines with world-class brands such as ABB and Yaskawa, by which we insist on manufacturing high-end bumper, deflector and other exterior products.

We have been dedicated to providing best door panel, instrument panel, center console, ceiling, carpet and other interior products with 6 slush molding lines, 9 dry-wet production lines for ceiling, 15 lines for carpets and splash pads, and more than 300 injection molding machines of Engel and Haitian brand.

We are devoted to manufacturing high-quality customized seat from welding, foaming, sewing to assembling. We are equipped with 11 foaming and PIP headrest lines with leading brands such as KraussMaffei and Italian Cannon, with which we have developed brilliant production processes, including robot welding, laser welding, foaming material self-mixing, airbag laser cutting and bar code tracing.

We are equipped with first-class rubber mixing machines, 18 advanced extrusion lines, 181 rubber vulcanization injection machines and 6 engine mount automatic assembly lines to enable us perfect manufacturing processes.